The modification of a country house in Bojov, Čisovice

This cottage, set within a country settlement at the foot of the Brdy hills (close to Dobříš) sits in a shallow meander between the stream and the adjacent railway line. Originally a wooden cottage, the property was rebuilt into a brick house, and  a terrace was added, on the side by the stream. This was later adapted into a porch, with a workshop set within the building’s basement. The plot of land is located on the bank of a creek, and thus raised across two raised levels. The house borders the steam, and a separate flat garden connects with the house via a reinforced concrete footbridge. The property was worn out, with degrading structures that required reconstruction, maintenance and protective elements to reinforce the property for the future.The architectural “core” of the property – the brick building with two rooms and a corridor, would be retained. The poor technical condition of the porch, built in the 1950’s, could not be preserved, and therefore a new wooden structure would be designed over the remodeled basement, carefully respecting the existing ground plan. The artistic expression and concept of the modification are harmonious with the older property; there is a balanced relationship with the original brick layout.

We have endeavoured to express the poetry and nuance of cottage life in our design; the centerpiece is the porch room; a kitchen in direct contact with the outdoor yard, terrace and garden. A small dormitory in the attic has been created and the height of the previously broken roof has been raised, to insure comfortable sleeping above.

A 2017 project.