A house on a gentle slope, in Čerčany u Benesova, Czech Republic

The house is located on a gentle slope on the northwesterly outskirts of the village, in a rapidly developing area of suburban residential houses of diverse scale and quality. Efforts to reconcile this style of housing with the typical geomorphology of the hill, and undulating horizon, has led to the dividing the house into two parts, with a roofs sloping at slight angles. The roof of the main house follows the slope of the terrain, but the smaller garage demonstrates the opposite tendency. The living room on the ground floor continues into a veranda, which is a traditional element of country buildings in this region. It is a great place to have a welcome morning breakfast, or it can serve as a relaxing lounge, or solar filter, on the south side of the facade. Upstairs are bedrooms, a shared bathroom with sauna, as well as direct access from the lobby to the garden, via the roof of the garage.

A 2010 project.