the interior of a mezzanine apartment, in a mountain apartment building, Austria

The character of this mezzanine apartment in the Alps was conceived as recreational family accommodation. Dominating the living room on the lower level is a fireplace and staircase. The heated area under the staircase is intended for relaxation after sport – the idea being to conjure the analogy of old, traditional tiled stove, upon which a person could lie down on to warm up. The staircase winds around a tube filled with internal mirrors. This creates entertaining visual effects and enlivens the visual communication between the different levels of the apartment. In the upper part of the apartment are three small bedrooms and a bathroom, including sauna with an exquisite view of the Alpine peaks. The shelving in the children’s’ bedrooms are made according to designs by the children themselves. In the interior, dominated by natural materials, the built-in furniture is also custom-built according to the wishes of the owner.

Project completed in 2012.