under the vineyard

under the vineyard

A residential building in Beroun, Czech Republic

This two-storey block of flats on the edge of one Beroun’s residential areas has 28 apartments and 2 floors for parking. The visual concept of the building is a metaphor; a contrast of a living organism of flats, cordoned off by structures on the boundary. From each apartment grows a mini or fully-fledged balcony, the frontal facade exposes a “peppered belt” of balconies overall. The garage space reflects on the facade a narrow line of windows. The last floor is receded. Window openings are high and often joined together. These compositional techniques, along with the use of warm colors, soften the overall character of the building: the house gives the impression of a smaller scale in comparison to what can be found in similar, conventional residential buildings.

Project completed in 2011
In cooperation with architectural studio Atelier Šesták