An area designated for clients, at the Bird & Bird law firm. Prague Old Town

The aim of the project was to create an environment corresponding to the flexible operations of large, renowned law firms.

Removing the chaotic construction debris from the previous tenants was a sobering experience. What was created was an open space, akin in character to a library café and indoor office. The café-bar with coffee tables underscores the casual atmosphere of this client area with reception area and meeting rooms. The heart of the area is a multipurpose space, usable as a seminar room for 40 people or for informal negotiations, not to mention a relaxation area for employees. The customised upholstery allows for various uses, including the creation of an independent vertical wall, if required. The lighted ceiling structure from barrisol provides an excellent corporate visual style, hovering above the client area and providing an overall integrating and connecting effect. The wing directs visitors into the heart of the office, and therefore serves as an orienting map, it solves the problem of initial entry point; the narrowest point of the office interior.

Project completed in years 2008 and 2013.
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