The proposal for the design of a community centre in Hloubětín, Prague. (Submitted in competition)

A precondition of a functioning community centre is an intimate scale, as well as a versatile and subtle or subliminal form. This proposal builds upon the valuable elements reflecting the spirit of the town and site – surrounded and small-scale streets – and adds an unusual gradation of buildings on the slope dominated by a Church.

The community hall is built slightly below ground level, and its appearance blends in well with walls and fences characteristic of the local area. The overall disposition is reduced to a practical minimum. The café is the “gate to the garden”, and the roof of the hall is also an outdoor platform for the library.

Shelves outside the library window create a lively window display. The underlying technical design of the centre also focuses on achieving energy savings.

A 2014 project.
Won a judge’s award in an architectural competition.