Alterations to an agricultural building on a farm, in Chlum nad Malší

This proposal was to build a loft apartment on a traditional South Bohemian rural farm. The new flat is built above an existing living quarters, to allow cohabitation of two generations of a family. This installation is accessible by an independent outdoor staircase, reworking the design of a traditional wooden staircase and upper gallery. The staircase is covered by a roof that still provides emphasis on how new features have their affiliation to time, and serves as a “calling card” for the contemporary interior within. The flat’s features and topography is determined as a means to harmonize with the interior beams and supports which are retained from the building’s original architecture. Floor planning is limited as a result of working with a comparatively small space within this structure, and as a result windows have only been able to be installed on one side of the apartment. The project has also been designed to incorporate adding an interior staircase between the two apartments in the future, should this be desired by the owners.

A 2006 project.