An office space in the Tokovo palace, in Holešovice, Prague

This project was situated within a tall office building, and so the architectural shapes used in this project reflect the themes of respect in business, as well as the pursuit of moderation and dignity. These themes are consistent with the activities of this office, and permeate through the entrance area with reception, conference hall with foyer, and office floors. The investor has placed an emphasis on the use of affordable materials, as well as supporting Czech producers.
The use of glass walls symbolize the transparency of the office. To ensure necessary privacy, partitions are sanded with partially transparent patterns. The degree of transparency varies according to the function of each room, and the chosen pattern designs reflect the office facade. Visitors and employees can gauge the occupancy of offices and meeting rooms, without disturbing or distracting office activity.

A 2007 project and joint project with Atelier Sestak.