av čr

av čr

The Institute of Applied Sciences and an extension to the Institute of Thermomechanics Academy of Sciences, in Libeň, Prague

This new building of the Institute of Applied Sciences serves as an incubator for research, as well as a representative entrance building for the academy campus. In addition to laboratory, office and accommodation facilities, the building features a large lecture hall, information center and common public areas. The open, public nature of the complex supports an adjacent central park. The architectural design of the institute and the new building of the Institute of Thermodynamics is based on the use of crystalline materials. It symbolizes – in contrast to the surrounding classic rectangular buildings of the area – the peculiarity in contemporary scientific research. Non-rectangular shapes are also used in the parterre layout, which uses converging shapes to indicate directions of movement, as well as changing perspective.

A 2007/2008 project.
In cooperation with DES Praha s.r.o.