na pomezí

na pomezí

Interconnection of apartments in Prague – Košíře

The interconnection of two apartments creates an extensive six-room layout. The middle of it is focused on the background and the entrance, and to the sides there are living rooms. The three-wing layout is designed so that it is possible to redistribute the apartments with minimal construction intervention.

The architectural solution emphasizes the interconnectedness of the rooms: the main rooms can be connected, and the furniture in the bedroom, with the study, is a variation on the furniture in the living room with kitchen. The same materials and scale are applied in different parts of the apartment, and soft natural light passes through the apartment.

Working with pastel colors in the background of children’s rooms follows the ideological basis of the renovation of one of the apartments from 2010 and provides the space, ordinarily without daylight, a playful friendliness.

Bulding completed in 2018