Design, in competition, of an adaptation of a homestead in Šárecké údolí (a valley); a center for Seniors, in the Dejvice district of Prague.

The original use of these settlements in Šárecké údolí were associated with a peasant farm, can no longer be restored. However, the lost historical significance of this area and empowered community can be restored. The old homestead expressed historical continuity, the emerging dialogue of history with the present day, is also a bridge to dialogue between generations and neighbors. The slope morphology is replicated by a range of places to support meetings, open pathways and preserved vineyard terraces. The homestead opens into cobblestoned areas, and the café brings together various a variety of participants: residents, children, tourists and visitors. Housing for seniors is located on an elevated off-road platform, ensuring privacy. A playground in the active part of the garden promotes contact between generations.

Built on a simple ground plan, the architecture surrounds the yard, and the quality of housing is enhanced by communication and active participation in social life. Support for neighborly ties does not limit the offer of sufficient individual privacy, and the diversity of friendly, apartments with little in the way of barriers responds to life situations. The apartments are surrounded by sheltered accommodation with outdoor seating in all weather conditions. Each apartment is fully equipped, kitchenettes are oriented to the gallery and some of the apartments support cohabitation. In the corner, there are spaces for social activities of the residents.

We propose to revitalize the contemporary look of šatovka with its original form, while inside we strive to preserve essentials: a safe and comfortable space for residents, and respect to the original room proportions that allow for multi-layered use of space. The new use will include new lift integration.

A 2018 project
In cooperation with Raumleipzig Architekten
Won 2np prize in an architectural competition